Lluis Barba’s solo show ‘Travels in Time’ at Fundacio Vila Casas

Young Masters artist Lluis Barba has recently had a solo show at Barcelona’s Fundacio Vila Casas, titled ‘Travels in Time’.

Known for his ironic and witty reimaginings of Old Master paintings, Barba is a contemporary master of reinvention; famous and obscure works are rendered in monotone, and populated with celebrities, art world figures and contemporary cultural icons. His playful technique belies a serious critique of celebrity culture. In this exhibition, Barba has turned his attention to more serious themes, featuring large-scale new works that reflect on darker subjects such as war, violence and poverty, examining the religious and political narratives at work.

Barba, born in Barcelona, has work in numerous public and private collections, and was shortlisted for the 2009 Young Masters Art Prize, receiving second place prize.

Lluis Barba and Cynthia Corbett at Fundacio Vila Casas

Lluis Barba and Cynthia Corbett at Fundacio Vila Casas


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